Even though the current GOP health care bill is currently stalled in the Senate, the world continues to revolve around Washington, D.C., what with the U.S. President’s two trips to Europe within two weeks; one to assuage international economics concerns about the bellwether U.S. currency and economy and the second to the Republic of France to allow for a stronger alliance with “America’s oldest ally” [paraphrase here].  There is also the news, and another hassle for the corridors of power, the actual ones, accusing the President and separately his son with consorting with Russian security services people in so – called, and entirely misinterpreted ‘secret’ meetings.  Even at the depth of the Cold War, and then is certainly not today, U.S. leaders and their associates met routinely with U.S.S.R. people, even their actual secret organs in meetings among associates across borders, and the mutual respect for each other’s integrity, really, is a legacy of that.  The old KGB has criminals, but for the most part has people of integrity and honor and with a world view, even fearful and at least respectful of the U.S.  This is what gets this narrator is the various responsible elements in the media for the cooked up stories about the Trumps colluding with the former soviet union (Russian Federation) are misguided and just plain out in left field :  As a university student who partly engaged in Third World studies, or what was referred to as the Third World at the time, “The South” and the like, and what is referred to now categorically as “developing countries”; I had close acquaintances from everywhere below the equator.  All excellent people, and yes, some communist and no one ever uttered a shameful nor condemning term as the result of this nor these associations.  The people are back in South America, the Islands, Southeast Asia, Africa and the like.  They have their educations and have built on that while no one refers nor has ever referred to politics in our very numerous meetings over studies and ground – up policies we both struggled over, trying to reason through and comprehend under the umbrella at college.  For the information of the reader, parts of Germany itself during the Cold War were poorer economically and more elitist, corrupt, physically dangerous, a cataclysm compared to the civil order of some of the island nations for instance where things were presumedly backward for a long time, but not really so.  Everyone has met others from foreign countries and territories and had respectful and redeeming, learning relationships with these that are cultural and educational in nature – as much has been the mission of mankind in a lot of what we know as the jet and space age where one can travel cheaply and visit places with a personal message and significance that touches everyone around when we / you are there.  This has been true for more than fifty years since the war in Korea, and the thick of the Cold War, even previous to that. 

To return to health care :  Health care, the current Republican administration realizes is not about co – pays, really, nor is it about policy costs and underwriting, complicated plan changes and transitions and conditions of previous health problems – everyone under the sun who deals with health insurance and health care providers has these issues and same are fundamental to maintaining insurance coverage for most everyone of us.  In the English – speaking world, and we are in this like it or not, life is full of people and difficult it is to categorize and class all these same people health – wise.  The Obama presidency in its health care legislation and planning, duplicated a health and welfare system with a 1960’s mission and message, when there were no real deficits, the Treasury was flush, and the economy might have still been growing  at five to seven percent per year.  Unfortunately, the 1960’s were then and there are much tighter purse strings everywhere these days due to factors beyond the scope of this writing, though one might mention here the duplicative nature of the Obama health and welfare programs that decimated the Treasury, not just the two wars that were winding down from years ago.  At the same time as deficitary federal spending were the teetering financial institutions, threats from overseas business and commerce that refused to purchase U.S. goods due to any number of factors, capital flight (extremely dangerous for a stable fabric of society), and some other things in the world of federal expenditures, some absolutely necessary, not much was coming into the U.S. Treasury, actually, as mostly unannounced, the U.S. economy had greatly faltered into a crises – ridden landscape or lake – scape, electronic and computerized, instantaneous if you will, but all – in – all greatly poorer over the span of the Obama presidency.  That without TARP and some other lending and financial facilities where finances were made easier than ordinary for business and economic recovery as intended.  One cannot have a viable health insurance system that is federal under economic conditions as these.  Even before becoming president, the chief executive would pledge things at the same time as betraying a lack of knowledge of simple macroeconomics. 

Good health insurance systems are self – funding, self – regulating, and pay for themselves and / or at least the benefits of people with healthier outlooks than otherwise.  One cannot cover all, nor virtually all the health care recipients within national borders, at least in an equal fashion and with equal imperatives and priorities :  The actual public health care system in the U.S. and the one promoted by the Obamas is heavily mechanized and systematized, lethargic and leviathan.  One person in ten, with health issues as same are, in a reinsurance situation, with catastrophic coverage, and without bet the compulsory insurance that has cost all of us so much, can survive in good health and good conduct within the pool of overall insurable and healthy people.  There is a way to do this that allows for everyone to have unnecessary coverage and that includes, essentially, the use of systemic slack to assimilate and absorb higher cost, higher – risk and higher maintenance people.  The idea is to do away with the health maintenance idea for many people and to underwrite higher – end, pay – as – you – go – type insurance for many people.  This is made difficult by the Obama attempt to enthrone health “maintenance” as the primary emphasis of health care.  The reasoning behind this is so convoluted, complex and complicated that is smacks of self – dealing and landmark self – interest (“I want to be  a hero here” – type interest.)  Much of that has to do with reputational, cosmetic and other hype.  That type of thinking about health care was also possible, e.g., when the dollar was worth maybe five times what it is today due to inflation and trade terms, and the discretions on commerce of the great powers all of us think about every day.  This is corrupt reasoning that has people going back to clinic again and again, for procedures and many times unneeded things again and again – all making for a frenzy of hospital and clinic activities which have really only marginal value to the institution of care and then to customer – patients.  There are many other significant details, but the primary ones here must be that HMO’s as the Obama plans were / are, are NOT insurance, really; second – health insurance and insurance overall are NOT free, nor do same have the nature of utilitarian boons for patients; and health insurance is not an investment of any kind, nor is most any insurance that depends upon what the word actually means in the literal sense prima facie and then in its diverse forms.  This is easy to prove as the Obama health care system is so expensive and so cosmetic, really, has so many people in patienthood that the etiology in ailments under this system cannot end.  It just leads to more and more ills and / or different forms of the same cont


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